Pre-Pie Day

 This afternoon I biked to Yoder's Restaurant just to see what is going on. I knew they were baking pies but don't remember being around when most of the pies are baked. This was the first person I met. I asked him what is in the buckets? He said Coconut Creme and Chocolate pie filling. He stopped long enough for me to take a photo.
My second stop was at the kitchen door. These girls were putting the finishing touched on the double crusted fruit pies. 
I turned looked about and met up with Mr Bender from the Herold Tribune Newspaper. He had to wear a hairnet to keep his hair out of the pie. It is just part of the regulations. Nobody wants hair in their food.

Pies galore.

Steve was managing the bake ovens. Here is a table full of pies ready to be baked.

Janet and Carol between customer breaks at the Gift Shop. 

Ready for another empty pie cart.

These two ladies are finished for the day. They capped strawberries all day long in preparation for fresh strawberry pies tomorrow.

Joe is the all around handyman.


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