My Sunday Mode

These are some of the shots I took today, my Sunday Mode.

 Even dying weeds are beautiful. They have decided to go to seed to keep their descendants going strong on this earth.

 This weed is standing strong against the wall.

 This afternoon the creek sparkled like silver and gold. It was almost too much for the eye to behold.

 I have watched this young lady grow for the last five-six years. Tonight they are taking one last bike ride before heading home to Pennsylvania.

 Playing Chess

 It takes balance to eat a peanut on the post.

 The Wilderness Gate

 This one specific squirrel comes right up and begs for a peanut, then hangs head first on the trunk, so it can enjoy its peanut plus keep an eye on me.

 Out on a stroll this beautiful evening.
It looks like the next eight days we are scheduled to have 73-81 degree weather. Probably making up for the cold spells we had.
 The Amish in the Mural wish us a Happy Holiday. 


  1. Nice pictures. I like the squirrel on the post!

  2. Katie, I introduced myself to you yesterday 12/22/14 at Yoder's Amish Village gift shop. Your photography is a steady stream of history in the making. I again would like to thank you for educating and bringing to life this beautiful village and it's people through your eyes. I look forward to following your work and beautiful stories. God Bless ... Leslie......

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. it was a pleasure to meet you yesterday.


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