Today's Shots

 I wasn't aiming for a picture like this but this is what was in the camera tonight, two dark leather looking arms and part of a face that also looks weather beaten.

 Obviously Paul Wagler paid his dues to Marvin the owner of Miller's Bike Shop. What I saw happening is, Marvin got out a pen and did some figuring on the palm of his hand and accordingly Paul dished out the dollars to match Marvin's numbers. I remember well when we used the palm of our hand for a scratch pad.

 Three Ohio ladies visiting Mary, Clara and Mattie.

Today The Budget News came on the Pioneer bus. Sam got back down just in time to continue taking care of The Budget. He always comes with a table, a garbage bag and whatever you call that thing to haul the newspapers from the bus to the table. His work is done for today. Everybody has a new Budget that wants one and paid for it and left the parking lot. And so Sam cleans up and goes home.


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