Siesta Key Beach Sand Sculpture

This morning Ron & Nancy Good and I went to Siesta Kay Beach to see the sand sculptures.For more information find their website. Here are some of the photos we took. The first two pictures are from Nancy's camera.

 I knew I couldn't do all the walking required, so Ron & Nancy offered to use one of their wheelchairs to take me on the beach. This one is like a lounge chair but the others were all in use and I was comfortable on this one and so we used. Ron was a careful pusher and we didn't run anybody down. People willingly gave us a bit of space. Thanks to them.

 Nancy with her camera.

 We had to go in the narrow entrance and pay our fees. They put a stamp on our hand as evidence we paid and then we were allowed to enter the fenced off place.

 There is even a cat sculptured in the Keyless' window.
 He truly looks keyless.

 Miracle of Life

 Sand Castle

 We both were shooting at each other with our cameras.

 A lot of cameras clicked today.

 Afterwards we went to SubZero for ice cream made while we waited.

And walked across the street for coffee and salad.

Next time we want to watch them while they sculpture.


  1. Amazing!
    Wish I could have joined you.

    1. It was a good day and we missed you but, well next time.

  2. beautiful and now it's raining! We went last year and the art was incredible!

  3. Amazing. My kids loved looking at these and were wishing they were there. :)

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