Retiring Baby Boomers

 We must be in the age of "Retiring Baby Boomers". Yesterday when the Pioneer bus came in and today again when the bus loaded to leave, there are too many people here for this time of the year. I mean in comparison to other years. I am not complaining. In fact I am looking forward to this winter. 
 Siblings that spent time with their Mother. Only Carol is going back home to Ohio. 

 The men are Fritz, Louie and Dave's Eli. Two of these women are sisters, Esther & Clara. I don't know who is on the right.

 David Wengerd's wife and Joe Weaver's wife Ada.

Ada & John Troyer. John is my Dad's cousin.


  1. Oh, love seeing these pictures again! Looking forward to seeing lots of photos of Pinecraft settings/people in the coming months! Never get tired of them. :-)

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  4. Katie, it was good to talk with you again. I know Donna was glad to finally get to meet you. We had a good trip home but I wasn't thrilled to come home to this weather. Brrrrr


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