The Parrots have Returned

 These are the descendants of the convicts who escaped their prison in 1928 when a Hurricane hurried through Jungle Gardens. They are populating Sarasota. They are beautiful birds, even if they are destructive. Feasting at the Beiler's front yard.

 Sitting in line, three-deep for their turn at the feeder.

 They are beautiful birds.

 They love their native fruit and it doesn't take flock long to strip a tree or even just damage every Orange.

These two decided to share this Orange. They really did as both were sucking on it at the same time.


  1. One year they all came to visit us at Williston, Florida. They appeared to be in a deep deep sleep so much so that I was able to climb a ladder and touch one. We were totally enthralled

  2. LOL Katie at your description of the convicts!


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