Benefit Dinner for Gator Boys' Camp

 Josiah & Amy Troyer's daughter. she is down here visiting her grandparents, Mel & Elnora Mullet and her cousins.

 Tonight was a beautiful time to be at the park. 


 Some were playing Bocce Ball. The yellow ball is the bulls eye and whichever color ball lands the closest to the bulls eye is the team winner. 

 Others were playing Shuffleboard.

 Some people had to sit on the ground to eat their meals.

 And more visiting.

 I finally got a shot of the Hochstetler girl from Plains, MT. She was on the run.
 With her Daddy Jon Hochstetler. I learned to know Jon and Ellie back in 1996. I used to be neighbors with Ellie's grandmother Henner Ella north of Apple Creek Ohio. Ellie's aunts and uncles are Verna & Mary, Jacob, Billy Deetz (Andy) and Emery Weaver. Maybe there were more uncles, but I can't remember.

 Listening to the Shenk Brothers' singing.

Usually when Gator Boys' Camp is at the park, people get wagon rides. Dan Burkholder from Ohio is usually the wagon driver.


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