Sunday Afternoon Drive

 Yesterday Nancy Ebersol Good and I took a ride out in the country. It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon and just wanted to explore country. 
 We went for the Celery Fields and drove around without actually going into that section of the park. These photos are taken from the south of Palmer Road.  

 It is a haven for the wildlife that loves water and swamps. Some were bird watching, or taking walks and bike rides and fishing. This guy hooked a big fish that got away, after he almost lost his balance.

 After exploring the Palmer area we headed for Myakka State Park.

 After being in congested Pinecraft for a couple of months, it did the eyes and heart good to see some wild untamed trees, weeds and grass.

 The mother deer

 This looks like confusion but the trees are seeing their own reflections in the swamp.

 After driving around, we settled in on the lake's edge.

 Coming in on its last run for the day.
 We shared a meal.

 After most everyone was gone the Vultures and Ravens moved in searching for table scraps. They clean up after the people.



 We left the lake shortly before sunset and watched the sun set over the open land.

 Facing the sun we could see many a spider in these plants. 

 Every weed and insect has its own beauty.
 More swamp, more trees, more water...

 We came back into Sarasota via Clark Road and so we stopped for ice cream at SubZero in the EXPO Center. 
 It was a good day.


  1. Marvelous spread! It warms my heart that you find beauty in insects and spiders, and that you stopped by for some flash-frozen ice cream.

  2. Looks like a relaxing, peaceful time... glad you got to do it. Wonderful pictures!


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