Waldner Messengers

 Last night was the night the Waldners from South Dakota sang at Birky Square. Thanks to Chet & Anna Mary Stoltzfus for making the arrangements and also a Thank You for the Birky Square people for providing the facilities. This was probably the largest crowd in the history of Birky Square.

 Saturday afternoon they found a crowd of people at the park. In Pinecraft, where ever their is music there are people.

 Louise with her husband, one of the Waldner brothers. Louise the mother of six children is taking natural cancer treatments in Tampa. They came down to Sarasota for this event.

 Christy Waldner with one of them. I love this.

 Clinging to his Mother and looking around.

 Omar Beiler and Chet Stoltzfus at Birky Square.

 John & Leonard with Clara, Mike's wife, while...
 Mike was out shooting a few pictures.

 Anna Mary taking care of the little one.

 Michael & Clara, Christy, Susanna & Leonard, John. The Steel Guitar player is somewhere in the background.
Alex the oldest son of Michael & Clara did a few songs. 

For bookings contact Mike Waldner 605-352-8329 or mickclara@santel.net
Waldner Messangers
19524 408th Ave.
Yale, South Dakota 57386


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