Livestock Auction in Pinecraft

Perry Troyer from Plain City Ohio is a victim of some prankster messing in his parking lot. 

 Livestock Auction

 The twins choosing their livestock. For once there was no limit of how many they may choose to take.

 Same for this little guy, all he can carry in a box.

 Finally Kenny the auctioneer came. Left to right: Paul Miller, Ola, Paul Smucker, Kenny, Toby Yoder and Perry Troyer.
 These children got their loot too.

 Perry sneaked some animals in my bike basket. I didn't even take them home as I met Mel Mast and he gladly took them for his grandchildren.


  1. This is a really cute idea! Where did all the stuffed animals come from?

    1. I have no idea where a person or family gets this many stuffed animals.


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