Random Photos

 This was taken last evening at the park. I was practice shooting pictures without a flash while sitting outside in the dark, looking into the brightly lid pavilion. 

 I met Harry & Ineke Visser from The Netherlands at Yoder's Produce this morning. Ineke has been following my blog for a number of years and I was quite pleased to meet them in Pinecraft.

 Ready to go up north where the cold wind blows. Even her dolly is wrapped in a warm blanket for the long ride home.

Bikes without pedals.


  1. Dear Miss Katie, such a nice photo you took of Harry and me, thank you for posting it on your blog! I am so glad to have met you; what a very sweet lady you are! The photo Harry took of you and me hasn’t come out too bad either ;) Please could I have your e-mail address so I can send it to you? Again: it was wonderful meeting you. Hugs~Ineke

  2. My email address is: ktkatietroyer@gmail.com

    I am so glad we met.


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