Generations Come and They Go...

As one generation goes, a younger one is right at its heels to step in, take the old generations' place and life continues. Today there was a transaction of the older selling out to the younger, when Jonas Kauffman's Florida home sold and Darrel Deiner a younger man bought the home for $170000.

 Jonas Kauffman's home was on the corner of Kaufman and Fry.

 Bit by bit the crowd grew and the street narrowed to a walking path. For a short time a person could find enough openings to walk the street on their way to somewhere other than attending the auction. 
 I stayed on the backside, well in the middle of the backside so for a short time I could see through openings between bikers.

 Fry Street closed up completely. 

 The dog didn't care a hoot of who bids on the home. It was more important to be with his master.

 The backside

 She smiled in a sweet way, so I knew she wants her picture taken.
 Illinois  guy, I can never remember if he is a Hershberger or a Helmuth wanted photos of the whole crowd. He is a tall six-footer so he had no problem getting up on the roof.

Last but not least I met up with Madison Hostetler from Bedford PA. In just a few short years she has gone from a toddler to a beautiful girl.


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