Cat Fish Dinner

Tonight was the Cat Fish Dinner at the Park. Here are a few pictures of the event.

On their way to the park for the Cat Fish Dinner.

 These two look like "all boys".

 Desserts galore, with ice cream. The dinner consisted of two Hush Puppies, three big pieces of Cat Fish, Cole Slaw and beans

 Just a small portion of waiting in line. There were 1600 dinners and almost all of them were taken. It was probably the largest crowd of all times for the Pinecraft Park.

 Lydia Fisher and Nancy Ebersol Good. One way or the other they are cousins.

 Larry Yoder deep fried fish tonight. 

 Even bags of garbage have their own beauty. If these bags would have been left here over night all the raccoons in the neighborhood would lick the platters clean.

Polly and Rich Stevick are admiring Martha Beachy's photos. She takes beautiful pictures.

And the day ends.


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