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 In order to get what you want, you got to do what you got to do. Thomas Bender a staff photographer from the Herald-Tribune wanted a picture of my face under my hat and he succeeded in getting it. This was yesterday afternoon when Thomas and a news reported walked around Pinecraft getting the feel of the people about preserving Pinecraft as a historical village. I was just one of the many they questioned or interviewed.

This morning Rebecca Jillian from ABC-7 came out and so I took her around Pinecraft after getting a bike for her from Lapp's Bike Shop.

 We went to the park and met up with this little girl and...
 her parents Merle & Naomi Beachy from Ohio. 

 After leaving the park we watched the Scat Bus pick up passengers at the Amish church going to Siesta Beach. I can't remember this girl's name except she is from the Kidron area. This is her first time in Florida. Her sister came with her on the Pioneer bus yesterday.

 I can almost feel the excitement of the little girl with the pail of going to the beach and playing in the sand. 

 Questioning or interviewing two others from Ohio.

 I knew there were cameras like Rebecca is using on her head, but had never seen one being used. 

After we thought we were finished we met up with Fred Hershberger. I wanted Rebecca to meet and  Fred but I made no effort to get the two together, thinking there is no point in trying as Fred is a busy man. But since Rebecca had parked in front of Fred's house while we were out biking, well the meeting just happened to happen. 

Rebecca is going to send me the time and link of when this is going to be aired.


  1. Hello Katie;
    It was wonderful to meet you and speak with you when my husband and I visited Pinecraft last Friday. Your blog means so much more now that I have been to Pinecraft. I will continue to follow.


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