Niki's High Walk

 Yesterday morning Nancy Ebersol Good and I went downtown to watch Nik Wallenda walk the wire. We got there early, same as most people did. 

 We sat or stood around and visited until ...

 he was taken up the crane.

And crawled out onto the wire,

started walking very carefully.

 We all watched and shot photos.

Kneeling on the wire for a split second or two.

 He almost ran the last few steps. Total walk was around ten minutes, more or less.

 And the masses of people left the area. We were in no hurry and so we waited until toward the last.

 On our way out we saw this group of people probably deciding what now?

We met again at the crossing of Tamiami Trail onto Bahia Vista. They probably had about a four mile bike ride.


  1. I was talking about you today! My husband's cousin Larry Newswanger and his wife, Janet, just returned from Pinecraft. They know you. Cerwin's sister and her husband are leaving Pennsylvania for Pinecraft tomorrow. I told them to say hi to you from me. :) So if someone says hi to you in the next week - from Doris High - that is me.

  2. Just seeing the pics of Nick Wallenda walking that wire freaked me out. Can't imagine being there in person.

  3. Replies
    1. No, he got permission not use anything to protect himself.

    2. No, he got permission not use anything to protect himself.


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