An Otto Invention

This afternoon I spotted this cart attached to a bike. Of course I went after it and observed it a bit and asked if I may take a few pictures? 

Rudy gave credit to his wife for this invention. It is a lightweight cart made from vinyl. You can either pull or push the cart. Today the cart is being pulled, but when a person wants to push it, flip the seat over. It comes with a seat belt and a handle on each side for a little hand to grip while on the go. 

It never entered my mind until now but I would love to have a ride on one like this. When I lived in Tennessee our main mode of transportation was bicycles. I once had a ride in a cart behind a tandem bike for 90 miles going over the Cumberland Plateau from Decatur to Cookeville TN. It was once in a lifetime ride never to be repeated. We got off the Plateau at Monterey and on the way down we literally flew except we stayed on the ground. At first I was afraid of the high speed for I knew it would be instant death if something happened. But I decided I am going to enjoy the ride while I can. If I die, I die. I didn't die and am still alive and well 18 years later. 

This cart is Rudy's first and will be auctioned off at the Haiti Benefit Auction, coming up on January 19th.


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