Bike Saftey Day at the Park

 Yesterday was a busy day at the park with the county workers coming out for a Bike & Street Safety Day, followed by a Benefit Supper  and music. 

 They fitted people for free helmets.

 And free bike lights. Ellen and Mary are examining their lights.

 Laban is being fitted for a helmet.

 And the police were here with their horse to answer questions or whatever. Most every Amish man is a horse lover of sorts. 

One little girl with her safety helmet.
 About 500 bikes were engraved with an identity markings. 

 Stirring the kettle of chili for the Hay Stack Supper.

Ready to serve the hundreds' of people.

 Bikes were parked on both sides of the street in the park.

 Just a few of the people enjoying the meal.

Steve and Katie had a mobility scooter race. Steve won the race.

There were lots of Amish at the park but only one buggy.

All in all it was a very good day with the county and the Pinecraft people working together. After all we all want the best for Pinecraft.

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