Pork Chop Supper

 Tonight we had Pork Chops on the menu. This man Elton Yoder from Crofton KY (I am not sure I have his name correct) invented the grill that was used to broil the Pork chops. 

 First though the 1200 chops needed to be punched, poked and seasoned.

 Then they were fed into the grill.

 About 25 minutes later they crawled out of the grill on the other end, finished and to my taste buds done to a perfection. They still had just a pinch of pink in the middle.

The donation collectors.

 The food line. I always took Dave Stoltzfus as a Pioneer Bus driver, but tonight he is helping serve the food.

 My sandwich.

 This little baby slept through it all.

 More at the food line.

 One side of the street.

The other side of the street.


  1. Yum!!! Love these pictures, Katie! I could even TASTE that pork chop sandwich! (hope you don't mind!)

  2. I was thinking the same...I could almost taste that delicious looking sandwich. And the enjoyment of being around all those folks sure appeals to this people-loving gal!

  3. Looked like a great meal, I wish I had been there.
    Tom backroadstraveller.blogspot.com/


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