Quality Custom Turnings - Pens

Dennis Swartzentruber, Bradon Miller's brother-in-law showed these pens to me today. I asked him if I may have pictures of them to put on my blog.

 This selection is on special, selling for $30.00 a piece. 

 The three pens on the left are carved from corn cobs, the red, blue and brown.

 The black ones on the left are carved from Water Buffalo horns.

He also does custom engraving. 

Dennis is in Pinecraft for two weeks, and all of these are for sale. One pen was auctioned off at the Haiti Benefit Auction for $450.00, auctioned off by T. Weaver Auctioneering.


  1. They are very beautiful! I would love to buy one, but I'd be afraid I would lose it. :\

  2. Awesome! All pens looks very nice and so wonderful color that's charmed me. Custom Pens We create amazing pens, markers and Stylus Pens.

  3. Awesome & stylish! all pens are looking marvelous.I will must use one of this pens for my personal writing.

    Andrew Nill

  4. Very Interesting! Custom Pens made pens are unique and ideally designed attractive gift. I am looking for such one. Can you suggest me where will I get? To gift my buddy on his birthday.

  5. The only reference I have is in the first picture.


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