The Blessings of Children

 This morning when I took a ride in the park I met these siblings inside the fence. They hollered at me and I hollered in return.

 Tonight when I took another ride the play ground gate was open and and so these two came out and we started visiting. I asked the girl if they are cousins? She said, "Yes" even if they are not.

 The little sister came too. And so I just snapped more pictures in their off moments.

 I showed the children the pictures I took of them.

 After a while they all ran back and resumed their play, but this little one came back time and again to have another picture taken. She could barely talk but she let me know she wants to know where my camera is. Then she would give me her best smile, take a look of her picture, run off and return for another one.

The blessings of children...


  1. Hello Katie.
    Children are a blessing from the Lord a gift from heaven.
    What a pity that some s grown up apart and get lost in a world without pity.

      We should all remember that we were children of the kingdom of God is for them.

    May the Lord protect all my brothers and sisters Amish and Mennonite.

    See you soon.

  2. Katie, these might be my favorite pictures!!! (I may have said that before, but ...) I would love to have seen this in action! I could just "hear" them interacting with you!


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