Pinecraft Surry Daze

 Only in Pinecraft, will a surry attract crowds of people. Especially so if there are no shafts and no horse. 

 But leave it up to Larry Yoder. He has a way of making objects ride the streets. The back seat had three women. This one being Florence McKinley.

 I was offered a ride, so I abandoned my bike and climbed onto the front seat. This is Freeman being a bit bashful. But when he was okay he examined the surry from every angle. after all he is a mechanic at heart.

 Bertha, Freeman's wife.

 In no time at all we were the center of attention. These two looked in from the side door.

 Simmy Otto from Kokomo Indiana who is a distant cousin to Larry visited in from the storm front.

The back seat of the surry were Elnora, Moxa Marvin's wife and Katie Caldwell. 

 This surry ride reminded me of my by-gone days.

 Moxa Marvin from the front seat.

 The backside of the surry

...and the front.


  1. Oh, I will have to find a way to put the surry in one of my Pinecraft books. Fun! :)

  2. Katie, it looks so different without shafts and a horse. Somehow looks like it is lower to the ground too. Oh, now I see the smaller wheels in the front. Hahaha. Nice picture!! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hello Katie, you dont know me, found your blog,(facebook). I know Nancy, The 2 guys that looked inside door are from here, The one was my father in law he passed away on May 24th, when pic was taken he had just got to Florida and found out he has cancer, we miss his, but dont wish him back to this world, thank you for posting pic, we didnt have any from this time, the other guy is one of his best friends,Both are Fishers Sam & Elmer from Franklin County Pa

  4. I hope the family doesn't mind, but I made a Pinecraft postcard of Sam, your father-in-law. I had already made the postcard before he passed away and Yoder's Gift Shop sells them. I had visited with him just a bit on the day I took this photo of him and Elmer. That short little visit connected us.


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