Pinecraft Pie Contest - 2013

 Pies started coming in...

 Ina tagged them.

 Everence bank employees covering tables.

More pie came in.

 Reporter from The Herald Tribune

 Across the street at Miller's Trailer Park someone needed to get to the hospital.

 Larry Yoder came around with his buggy.

 Henry Detwiler and Perry Troyer

 Fritz Clara and her mother Lovina

Ready to look, taste and judge the 13 pies that entered the contest.

Pie tasting is serious business.

 Various reporters, photographers, journalists...

 The crowds

Time to pray for the noon meal of Chili, pie and ice cream.

 Some peep,
 while others bow their heads. 

The food line.

 These next three pictures need no words.

 They tell their own story.

 Names of the winners for each category of pies judged.

 First prize in all three is Pat.

Sue Mullet

 Ada Troyer

 Kate Schmid

 Thelma. Thrid prize for the cream pie was Fannie Kay Yoder but she wasn't in with the crowd, so she gets her prize later.

It was a good day. To save space I am making the pictures small. click on them to enlarge.

1 comment:

  1. What a great time and the weather looks perfect. I think being a judge wouldn't be an easy task. GREAT pics.


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