Little Details

 I take a lot less pictures this winter than I took other winters. I would snap at random the big picture, the over all perspective. Then later on the computer sort them out.

Whereas now I find myself looking for the small details in the big picture and zooming in on those. I think this change-over of picture taking happened this past year. For one year I committed myself to do Project 365 where I post one picture a day of something I photograph that day. This project was a challenge during the summer months when nothing was going on in the streets or at the park. Even so I had to find something to shoot at and write about it.

These two shots here - the first one is the big picture of Katie Caldwell and Paul Kauffman. The second one is another shot of the same picture, where Paul is showing Katie how to send a photo text message to someone she wants to share a picture with.

I have started my second year of Project 365 . After one year of posting every day I had quit, because it was time consuming and kept me on my toes. Three weeks after I quit, I realized something had died within me. I figured out what is happening to me, I am not engaging my brain on a daily basis to be on the alert of a picture worth taking, so I grabbed my camera and went looking for something... Now I am back to normal.


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